Nomadic Pursuits

With a vehicle that can transport and support me almost anywhere in the world, I'm taking advantage of my freedom and pursuing a modern nomadic life. Spending time in nature, scouting future properties, and meeting people with similar mentalities are a few of my goals. I have lots to learn and will continue to improve my tools and techniques to make mobile life sustainable.

The Shop

A 1300 square foot warehouse of creativity. My second home contains an ever-growing collection of tools and materials, supporting projects involving woodworking, metal fabrication, automotive repair, electronic design and more.


Along with great efforts from my talented business partners, we're hoping to make a big impact in the world of adventure gear. As the Tech-mology Czar I create the software that manages the digital representation of our brand.

  1. $api = new RestClient([
  2. 'base_url' => "",
  3. 'format' => "json",
  4. 'headers' => ['Authorization' => 'Bearer '.OAUTH_BEARER],
  5. ]);
  6. $result = $api->get("search/tweets", ['q' => "#php"]);
  7. if($result->info->http_code == 200)
  8. var_dump($result->decode_response());


A full-featured universal REST API client written in PHP. You wont find yourself hacking on this library to integrate a new API; it elegantly supports everything you need.

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A placeholder image generator that brightens your day. It even generated the image you see here – meta! I also used it in an experiment to generate press-ready artwork with CSS and HTML.


Black Friday Death Count

Arguably a bit morbid, but definitely a popular destination for those who want the facts. With almost 3 million views in 2013 on Thanksgiving week alone, I consider this microsite to be a social media and SEO success. ADWEEK and Business Insider have published moderately interesting articles about it, too.


The Beard

I don't let it define who I am, but people sure like it! I've been a finalist in competition twice under the "Full beard, natural" category. I also have my photograph and an essay included in The Beard Book for charity.

I'm Travis Dent, a multi-discipline web developer interested in broader topics like adventure travel, sustainable living and the pursuit of happiness.

I have been working professionally in marketing communication for the last 10 years. My strongest skills are in back-end web development using technologies like: PHP, Python, Django, MySQL, Apache, and many others. I also am fully versed in the latest trends of front-end development, including: responsive web design, CSS animation and anything included in the Prototype or jQuery libraries. I've been using Linux systems for a lot longer than I've been writing code and can administer application server clusters and automate deployments on traditional hardware and with cloud providers like Rackspace and Amazon.

I use software as a means to fund activities that I am passionate about: camping, gardening, fabrication, woodworking; inspired creativity of any kind, really.

If we have any shared interest, or if you are in need of a proven developer, don't hesitate to get in touch: